Dirt Dog ATV Pull-Behind Aerator – 48"


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Pulled easily behind a lawn mower or small ATV, the Dirt Dog ATV Pull-Behind Aerator keeps your lawn looking its best! This lawn aerator uses 3/16″ blades to slice the soil without disturbing the surface, allowing your grass to get the nutrients and water it needs. A 1.25″ solid axle with independent hubs that can be greased easily provide hassle-free operation and maintenance. An integrated rack lets you add weight to maximize penetration on compacted soil. The Dirt Dog ATV Pull-Behind Aerator boasts a powder-coat finish. Pulls easily behind an ATV or lawn mower 3/16″ slicing blades are ideal for aeration Durable construction with a 1.25″ axle Independent hubs are easily greased Integrated weight rack Powder-coated finish