Dirt Dog ATV/UTV Aerator – 72"


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The Dirt Dog ATV/UTV Aerator keeps your lawn or pasture healthy without adding a tractor to your stable of machinery! Pulled easily behind an ATV or UTV, this lawn aerator uses 3/16″ blades to slice the soil without disturbing the surface, allowing your grass to get the nutrients and water it needs without damaging the field. The durable knives also slice through runners with ease, making it ideal for controlling thatch. A 1.25″ solid axle with independent hubs that can be greased easily provide hassle-free operation and maintenance. An integrated rack lets you add weight to maximize penetration on compacted soil. The Dirt Dog ATV/UTV Aerator boasts a powder-coat finish. Requires the Dirt Dog ATVF implement frame (not included), which can be used with any Dirt Dog ATV implement. . Pulls easily behind an ATV or UTV 3/16″ slicing blades are ideal for aeration and controlling thatch Durable construction with a 1.25″ axle Independent hubs are easily greased Integrated weight rack Powder-coated finish