Filson Buckshot T-Shirt ? MTNTOUGH


The Filson Buckshot T-Shirt ? MTNTOUGH High performance fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection.

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The Filson Buckshot T-Shirt ? MTNTOUGH is Much more than an everyday wardrobe staple, the Buckshot T-Shirt is a sportsman?s best friend in hot weather. It?s built to keep you comfortable during hard work and fast action. This special-edition collaboration version features logo graphics for MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab.

Bozeman-based MTNTOUGH is dedicated to coaching sportsmen and outdoor athletes in fitness and nutrition to maximize their backcountry adventures. Comprised of personal trainers and former special forces operators, MTNTOUGH has developed online strength and conditioning programs for training at home and in the gym. Their programs are tailored to individual fitness levels and can be streamed directly to yFilson’s phone or computer, providing coaching, motivation and accountability. Being fit not only decreases the chance of injuries in the wild, but will enable you venture further and longer, and feel a whole lot better the next day.

The Buckshot?s 4.7-oz. fabric is knit from a midweight blend of cotton, polyester and rayon that actively wicks moisture away from the skin, dispersing it for rapid evaporation. The athletic cut fits a bit close to the body to aid wicking, and has plenty of stretch so you don?t even notice the shirt on yFilson’s back. It?s been tested to provide UPF50+ protection, so there?s no need for concern about damaging UV rays getting through to yFilson’s skin.

The Buckshot T-Shirt?blending the moisture-wicking performance of synthetics with the comfort of cotton while providing serious sun protection.