Filson Double Hunting Pants


The Filson Double Hunting Pants These midweight oil finish Shelter Cloth pants are reinforced with oil finish Tin Cloth.

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The Filson Double Hunting Pants is A Filson icon for a quarter century, Filson’s Double Hunting Pants combine flexible comfort with the tough-as-nails reinforcing where it?s needed most. When pheasants are buried in cattails, or quail in thorny cover, these classics provide the protection you need to get after them.

We built these pants with Filson’s signature oil finish Shelter Cloth, a tightly-woven 11-oz. cotton fabric from British Millerain that’s been thoroughly saturated in a special paraffin wax that remains pliable and provides outstanding water resistance. The leg fronts and lower-backs are reinforced with an additional layer of Filson’s legendary oil finish Tin Cloth for added water resistance and the ability to turn away the heaviest brush. The seat is equipped with the same double-layer reinforcing, so if you find yourself sliding down a steep embankment or seated on wet ground, yFilson’s backside will be protected. Tin Cloth, also treated with Filson’s special wax, has earned its reputation for exceptional weather resistance and durability by protecting loggers, tradesmen and sportsmen in the rain-soaked forests of the Pacific Northwest for nearly a century.

These pants are built with a roomy cut that allows an unrestricted range of motion, even with heavy base layers. Riveted metal-wreath buttons for the fly, waist closure and suspender buttons ensure lasting durability.

Double Layer Hunting Pants?armor-like protection from water and brush with the flexible comfort of Filson’s midweight waxed cotton.