Filson Filson X Bell MX-9 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet


The Filson Filson X Bell MX-9 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet Built by Bell, the first name in helmets.

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The Filson Filson X Bell MX-9 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet is Filson’s Bell MX-9 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet protects yFilson’s most important tool?the one sitting atop yFilson’s shoulders. This dual-sport helmet is comfortable on-road or off, and features limited-edition Filson logo graphics.

Bell has been an industry leader in head protection for high-speed motor sports and recreation since Roy Richter built his first helmet in 1954. Developed with the help of a veteran U.S. Navy pilot, the early models were used extensively in California?s hot-rod and road-racing scenes. In 1955 a Bell helmet saw its first action in the Indianapolis 500, and in the decades since, Bell has become the first name in helmets for motorcyclists and racers.

The helmet?s polycarbonate shell is lightweight, yet extremely tough. It?s equipped Bell?s exclusive MIPS? technology which disperses and manages linear and rotational impact energy. The scratch-resistant, anti-fog visor flips up with just enough room for a pair of goggles, and detaches easily to switch colors or tint. The adjustable visor features airflow vents and is removable for a more-streamlined look on the road. The interior liner is treated with an antimicrobial finish and can be removed for washing.

The Filson x Bell MX-9 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet?lightweight and comfortable protection that?s customizable for the way you ride.