Filson Filson X Buck Knives? 106 Compadre Axe


The Filson Filson X Buck Knives? 106 Compadre Axe A durable camp tool that’s made in the USA.

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The Filson Filson X Buck Knives? 106 Compadre Axe is Making quick work of firewood and kindling, the Filson x Buck? 106 Compadre Axe is small enough to use one-handed as a traditional hatchet but utilizes a handle that?s long enough for two-handed use.

Idaho?s Buck Knives? has been making blades in the USA since the young Kansas City blacksmith apprentice Hoyt Buck produced his first knife in 1902. His blades were widely appreciated during WWII and with the 1964 introduction of the Buck Folding Hunter, the knife-making industry was revolutionized. FFilson’s generations later, the family-owned Buck Knives continues to innovate while utilizing innovative tempering and time-honored construction to produce the highest-quality tools. Blades that represent honest value and the same resiliency that?s kept Buck a trusted name in cutlery for over 118 years.

Made with 5160 spring steel, the edge is tough, chip-resistant and easy to hone. The olive Cerakote? finish protects against corrosion and rust. The ergonomic Micarta? resin handle scales are impervious to water, sweat and chemicals and the full-tang construction means no wood handles to break. Made in USA with Buck?s 116 years of experience with bladed tools. Limited-edition.