Lippert Waste Master Hose Kit with Cam Lock Connector


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Enjoy emptying your RV holding tank after each and every trip? Of course not, who does? The Lippert® Waste Master Hose Kit with Cam Lock Connector solves all of the unpleasant issues that traditional hoses present, and provides a clean, quick, simple solution to the holding tank tasks ahead of you. Unlike traditional hose coils that trap debris, the UV-, abrasion- and puncture-resistant Waste Master hose is designed with its helical coil on the outside, for an ultrasmooth interior that won’t trap waste. The strong, reliable cam-lock connector and the hose’s bonded cuffs ensure a leak-resistant connection to the sewer outlet, creating a seal that won’t worry you. The molded nozzle sports an easy-to-grip handle, integrated shut-off valve, and clear-view port to see at a glance when waste has been completely evacuated. A 90° discharge port fits any sewage outlet. Internal valve makes emergency shut off quick and easy.Manufacturer model #: 359724. Solves all the problems of traditional sewer hoses Clean, quick, simple solution to holding tank tasks Helical coil on the outside for an ultrasmooth interior Strong, reliable cam-lock connector Bonded cuffs Leak-resistant connection Molded nozzle with easy-grip handle 90° discharge port