Sun Joe Mulcher


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Turn your mounds of deadfall into compost-ready mulch for next spring’s garden with the Sun Joe┬« Mulcher. This powerful electric mulcher reduces an area of waste to 1/16 its original size. Simply plug the mulcher into your extension cord, load the 19″-wide hopper, and let the 13A motor with 12″ trimmer-line mulching system go to town on dry leaves. This high-powered machine shreds up to 55 gal. per minute. Smart Shred technology employs advanced motor cooling by diverting air from shredded leaves while also reducing dust. A convenient, labeled control dial has adjustable settings for dry or wet yard waste. This Sun Joe electric mulcher transports easily and has a small footprint. Includes 20 replacement cutting lines. Toolless assembly. 48.5″H x 19″ dia. Weight: 13.2 lbs. Makes an area of waste 1/16 its original size 13A motor 12″ trimmer-line mulching system Shreds 55 gal. per minute Smart Shred technology: advance motor cooling and dust reduction Labeled control dial